Wednesday, March 14, 2018

to end all wars

According to her website Mona Caron is a Swiss-born, San Francisco-based artist, using muralism, illustration and photography in both her art and artivism. Her focus is on community-informed and site-specific murals in public space. She has created large-scale murals in the US, Europe, South America and Asia, has delved into stop-motion animation as part of her "WEEDS" project, and co-creates visuals for street actions and outreach with social and environmental movements. Murals in public space are Mona's primary focus. Her goal is to activate public space by simultaneously creating artwork and interactive street happenings, using the painting’s narratives to spark conversations and critical awareness of the space we share. On this website, Mona's mural work is loosely grouped into the following, sometimes overlapping categories: Narrative murals Mona's first decade in muralism was defined by extremely site-specific, detailed, and community-immersive narrative murals, reflecting the past, present, and future imaginaries of their neighborhoods through a uniquely permeable participatory process, considered part of the artwork. This process has been featured in an Emmy-winning documentary film, "A Brush With the Tenderloin", and has been the underlying praxis for most of Mona's work in her home town of San Francisco. Weeds In recent years, Mona’s stop-motion animation and botanical mural series titled ”WEEDS", a metaphor about resilience and resistance, has been growing in numbers and geographic reach, as well as in the scale of the pieces. #switzerland #SanFrancisco #artist #muralist #illustration #photography #artandartivism #communitymurals #publicspaces #createArt #largescalemurals #US #Europe #SouthAmerica #Asia, #visuals #streetArt #painting #sparkconversations #ArtUnites #CreateArt #MakeArtNotWar #PeaceLoveHappiness #UnitedWorld #ArtHeals #ArtTherapy #CrossCulturalIntegration #UniversalLanguage #BeautifulWorld #PaintMakeCreate #Documentary
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launch all-out peace

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  1. 'art for a cause' event details changed i suppose - see @sociallyafrica on instagram



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