Monday, October 14, 2013

Top Ten Most Watched Videos Of All Time On CHANNELS TELEVISION's You Tube Channel

The most popular videos are not completely of a barbaric nature with dishonourable fights over nothing more than a share of money,

you can also find dishonourable meetings over nothing more than a measly share of money,

some (gravitational) tragedy as would be expected in a society where dishonour is normal,

but thanks to enigmatic mismo pismos such as Patrick Obahiagbon, we find a little humour as well.
 God bless Naija. 

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Not enough Dignity, nor enough Respect

We have again reached an independence anniversary and a chance to reflect on who we are. 
So President Goodluck Jonathan said, "[31] But again, I can reassure you that Nigeria’s place on the world stage today is strong and safe, and it is certainly a place of dignity and respect. We must continue to build on this by remaining a nation and a people committed to ideals, the noblest humanitarian values, and the rule of law."  Read full speech here.

Sometimes a sportsperson or team shines, a film grips, a songster shares, a brainiac leads, a soldier cares, the world can't close its eyes to the great stuff we're made of, and our dream of dignity and respect becomes a reality.  I crave more of such times. 

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