Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is Boko Haram?

Some people say that
Boko (Western education) is
Haram (forbidden by Islam)

Is this true, or is Boko Halal (permitted)? is the new Boko Haram group.
Let us know what Islam truly guides Moslems to do.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

One Nigeria?

Is Nigeria truly ONE and why?

Thanks to two of my facebook friends for their answers. We should meet up for hugs, aka the award ceremony soon?

Tricia thinks NOT. According to her, our ignorance and the tribalistic views we hold have kept us from uniting.

Segun thinks "not yet." According to him, "Nigeria is a 'colonial container' with diverse but great contents whose harmony depends on the knowledge and understanding [that] Hunger, sorrow, poverty, joy, laughter, have no language or colour."

I live under the illusion that Nigeria is one because I fear civil war. If young musicians use multiple Nigerian languages, isn't that proof of our one-ness?

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Only London?

The Arab uprisings were not surprising, given the largely young, unemployed population and sit-tight regimes of North Africa and the Middle East.

On the other hand, the British riots have shocked many who believe that the youth of London do not have a cause. But this Londoner who predicted the riots, telling The Guardian: "...the government should have seen it coming, too. There is nothing to do...the streets...are full of people who...have ambitions but can't fulfil them."

Just this April, the youth in many Northern capitals greeted the election result with insults upon their normally-revered traditional rulers. They pelted them with satchets of pure water.

Photo of pure-water hawker "borrowed" from

Some northern muslims are so confused now, that they have become terrorists, scaring the government with bomb attacks. Why? Very funny: no food, no hope, no land, no work, no love, so - why not?

Nigerians are frustrated. You know me, I'm a very gentle young woman. But I am not of the scared and grumbling generation, I am ready to riot too, since Nigerian "leadership" no dey hear word.

Dele Momodu articulated today in his This Day column that Nigerians have lessons to learn from Great Britain, lest the youth "surprise" us. Listen to him. I'm betting on an uprising in Lagos soon, but you're welcome to prove me wrong.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Tenure Elongation

Mahmud Jega, writes brilliantly for Daily Trust:
I was just wondering: how can a man who has 20 special advisers expensively paid for from the public till yet be so poorly advised that he will choose to kick start his administration with a potential tenure killer such as the “single term” bill that President Goodluck Jonathan is threatening to table before the National Assembly sometime soon? Read more...

Jibrin Ibrahim, in his column at NEXT, does NOT believe Jonathan either: "Goodluck Jonathan is not believable when he says that he wants a constitutional amendment ..."

Over at Nigeria Village Square, a countdown calendar has been installed. The Goodluck Jonathan Countdown Calendar: 1398 Days To Go, it says. YEP.

It seems we can move on from all the "fainting" over Islamic banking now?
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