Monday, April 21, 2014

How do you vote?

One year in uni, I had a tough choice in voting for the Student Association leadership.

One pair of candidates came from my community i.e. both candidates were fellow engineering students.  Since I saw them every day, they could easily be reached with feedback and would altogether have interests aligned with mine.
One pair included a Nigerian, even if both candidates were from another clan on campus - business.  I don't think engineers really trust business people for they bamboozle with talk and appearances even if they won't do any real problem-solving :) but I suppose blood is thicker and I should support my countryperson when on foreign soil?  
The third pair was from the college of arts and sciences, the biggest college in the school, and was definitely going to win because well, Arts and Sciences owned the heart of campus, geographically, historically, demographically, etc.

Which pair did I give my vote?  Access, Homeland, or Victory?
Which would you have voted for? 

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