Saturday, October 1, 2011

Independence day

Nigeria is 51 today. 
The President gave a nice State address.  There is the usual data of Nigerian history with black/white footage.  The elite too, have had their say on TV.    I haven't taken the pulse on the street, but I suspect that people are poor/broke, optimistic as always, and in some cases glad to have a three-day-weekend. 

To summarize, Nigerians say they are grateful for the basics: life, a country name, basic technological change, etc.
Then again, Nigerians say this country sucks: even the President is not safe, thanks to terrorists; the promises of electric power provision have gone on for too long; the politicians still rob the country and toy with our future; the whole 150 million of us still produce approximately nothing...but it is good manners to say Happy Birthday (Happy Independence) and move on. 

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Maître D'