Friday, November 21, 2014

Ready. Set. Grow?

 "A dEEp thinker
Yeah my thoughts stay SuBMerged menn
'cos anytime they surface, 
they become a 
- Ghost (SDC) 
in Free My Mind (Shalala)

Ready Writer was a 2009-2010 blog by Ferdy Adimefe
In the intro: my unedited reflections, thoughts and feelings...about my beloved country Nigeria...I am soaked by the fluid of thoughts from interactions with people and my environment..."
On the Enough-is-Enough youth march on the National Assembly: mother’s sage warning, “I know I can’t get you not to go, but please sandwich yourself in the middle.”
Is Life Fair?: God will not stop life from happening to us; he only gets us through life
On THE INTERFACE: There is a creative economy in Nigeria that needs to be developed...
On Making History: I believe it is high time we came away from the passive and talking attitude, and let us put our hands to the plow.  
On Social Media: The World Has should our strategy...
ON Strategy: how a battle is fought is a matter of tactics; whether it should be fought at all is a matter of strategy. 
NEWSBUKA for all the burning topics in Nigerian politics and society. GeT FREE EmAiL UpDaTeS"

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