Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Boko Haram stories: What our people are going through

Courtesy of UNICEF, you can find interviews and features like this one:
says Gerida, a UNICEF public health specialists in Nigeria: 
One day all of this will be over and in the meantime it’s our job to keep these girls alive and make sure they are prepared for life when peace sets in.
I can't wait.

Do you love depressing stories?  More here.
The other day I found out that my parents and many of their neighbours have workers from Chibok.  That is, we have IDPs (IDP = refugee within the same country) right in our neighbourhood, well, in our home. 

I had known this kid for months before I ever asked about his hometown and then he told me about having lost his family, his sisters disappeared.  Real life stuff - all that going on and he always smiles. 

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