Tuesday, November 7, 2017

trip - the concert

I still really want to make that @REALbubbler calendar-map app, aka bulletin board, so that everybody can always figure out where to go where to be what to do how to enjoy,
but in the meantime blog posts will have to do. 
I guess.
This blog post says if you're in the USA totally get into trip - the hallucinogenic album by Jhené Aiko - and also grab a ticket to the concert that will also feature trippy #BlackGirlMagic superangels like Willow Smith and St. Beauty's Band in some cities.

I want Willow - you know her - to lead in my musical, someday.  She is amazing. 
St. Beauty's Holographic Lover is one of the most perfect songs you've ever heard. 
Again, Jhené's breathy album, it will do something to you

And Janelle Monae says you should go. 
And I say you should go :D 
So pay up, show up, and HAVE FUN! 

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  1. you don't need the calendar map app anymore, really, well, sort of. google maps is so good at connecting you with places of interest now. sort of. i'm really happy to see how good. engineers are really good :D



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