Saturday, July 29, 2017

How do you like your MEN?
Do women objectify men?

No?  It's not fair. 
I wanna talk about his body
Oooh shoulders. 
Bum-to-the-bum.  And thighs.  Quads. 
Don't get me started. 
I'll be back. 

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  1. Hope you don't mind comments from a non-nigerian guy on this blog. As a guy working in a bookstore that has also participated in our company's (shirtless) charity calendar I do think there has been a shift towards male objectification in my country. While I can't speak of the situation in Nigeria with regards to female vs. male objectificaiton, men seems to be objectified more in my place.

    For example, each year my bookstore makes a charity calendar (with a different theme from year to year), containing both male and female bookstore employeres. However, three years ago participation was made mandatory for the male staff (but not for women). Also, what to wear during photoshoots used to be optional, although us guys were "encouraged" to take off shirts during photoshoots. One and a half years ago, being shirtless was also made mandatory. Women on the other hand, don't have to participate and can show as much or little skin as they choose to during photoshoots.

    1. why oh why can't i see comments on time like normal people lol

      hi, A guy,
      i don't really like the word 'mandatory'
      other than that oooh, shirtless, yeah.

      focus, t, focus.



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