Sunday, June 4, 2017

How I really feel about women cooking stew // and a path to freedom

I am so happy and proud about the industrial solutions being created now, by Nigerians, to take the arduousness out of fixing food with the ubiquitous red 'obe ata' sauce.

Have you tried Obe by Easy Sauces
I found this product in a neighbourhood shop and was so delighted I grabbed one of each type.  Tried to gift one to my mother so I could try it out but she wouldn't touch it.  Loool, she obviously doesn't want this kind of change from the original method.  I'll try it eventually ... or find someone who cooks enough to use up the contents. 
Plenty pepper

Medium pepper
There's also a company called OmoAlata that makes pre-mixed stew / pepper mixes for sale in stores and online:
And another called Kaptain Foods with the same idea:

I bought two mini-packs of the Kaptain stew at that GTBank Food Fair and I've used them now.  The mild sauce was alright, it even included oil.  The hotpot had too much pepper for my taste but I had some tomatoes in a can so it was alright.  The food I made was yummy hehehe, going to finish the leftovers for lunch/dinner today.

I suggest a third Kaptain stew...with less pepper than the so-called mild but who knows maybe everybody loves pepper so much around here but many foreigners don't! 

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