Friday, February 17, 2017

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It's about music!

I missed a few...

I really hope they have video so I can catch up.
Mode Nine! 
Full-length video, I mean.
They have short clips on instagram as you can see/hear/enjoy.
I even missed THIS:
Would have been cool.
Nice music, good people, 
And not too crowded :)  
I would have liked to see this

You know Vector :)

Aside: hear this
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There was this rapper named AquaDragon a few months ago

Then they had KidKonnect of course

Creative-creative music person.  
Like I said, I really hope there's a recording somewhere so I can catch up.

They had Uzi too one time:

Anyway the other day, they had Show Dem Camp

I love the image / graphics

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It's SDC, so no excuses, I was there like a fangirl.  Well, a shy fangirl.  

And I found the 3hr live video online,
so you can touch the crazy fun too.
I mean, it'll be all you do this weekend :D

Now I've told you that, I'm happy and can go and eat :P
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