Thursday, January 5, 2017

#CloneWars #music - 3 tracks from Clone Wars 3

Your faith - Move Mountains

As long as I really Live, Love, Laugh, Eat, I'm good! 


Show Dem music is upon us.  How Far?

Do you want MORE MUSIC from SDC?  

Show Dem Camp's Clone Wars 3 - The Recession  mixtape is a promise kept, with ideal timing too - the album dropped in the final hours of 2016, on December 31st, and for the most ardent fans/members, this meant that we entered the New Year 2017 with the most excited feelings possible. 

Clone Wars 2 - The Subsidy was jaw-dropping as well.  For me at leastCrazySick.  So good as to be just ridiculous. 

and some people would remember Clone Wars (Volume One)...those people are still fans now, many years later.  Right? 

Dig into a little Show Dem Camp musical history.

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