Friday, November 25, 2016

#J2TW Debate

 Jos To The World OR #Views

How do you like your Oatmeal Music?
Views by Drake and like 10000 people.  Get it on Spotify, Apple, or, you know, download the torrent.

Like the staple cereal food, these oatmeal albums are both
- acceptable to all (most), market-friendly, like vanilla ice-cream.
- a little boring, taking no risks, artistically muted, but hey.
- nice and reasonably soulful.
- with unassailable production.  Clap for smoothness and error-freedom.  Really.  Excellent work. 
- longish and offer all the rap-lite you need. 
J2TW by Ice Price and Super Cool Cats / Chocolate City / Nigerian-African entertainment - Listen and Download Now

I recommend both, particularly to people who don't consume enough music to want excessive stylishness or personalization.  The perfect gift for that youngish (20-60 year-old) man you know. 

Oh wait, I was just going to ask you to listen and comment.  Ooops. Listen and comment. 

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