Sunday, March 20, 2016

Under-30s ignored in world's parliaments

Only 1.9% of the world’s 45,000 parliamentarians are aged below 30.
 Full Report
Nearly a third of single or lower houses of parliament
nearly 80 per cent of upper houses
surveyed do not have a single Member of Parliament (MP) below the age of 30.

Only four countries - Sweden, Ecuador, Finland and Norway – have 10 per cent or more MPs below 30 years.

Report Summary
The overall figures for young MPs rise to 14.2% for those under 40,
and 26% for those under 45
In all age groups, the figures fall far short of the corresponding numbers for their share of the population. People aged 20-44 make up 57 per cent of the world’s voters, according to UN figures.

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