Tuesday, February 23, 2016

NOLLYWOOD at its finest

Everybody still talks about Osuofia.  And "Living In Bondage" is said to be THE classic.

I slept through 30 Days In Atlanta and Two Brides and a Baby.  Was very pleased, pleasantly surprised, with Inale.  I still really want to see Confusion Na Wa (Help?)

Flower Girl (I got a pirated 1/2-film) seemed like such fun.  And I really liked Tango With Me and even Anchor Baby.  This cohort is quality stuff, relatively.  Which one should I watch next?

I've seen four of five.  The Meeting's the best.  Jenifa is hilarious.

Again here I've seen four of five.  The crowd loved Mr. and Mrs. I did not.  I really need to see Phone Swap. 

 There are many good films from Nigeria not on this list.  Care to add them in the comments? 

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