Friday, November 20, 2015

Ranti Sings

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 @RantiMusic : Neo-Soul, Classical, Superwoman
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  1. Translation / Lyrics

    Iwe kiko , l'aisi oko ati ada , ko'i pe o. Ko 'i pe o.
    Studying (learning book) without (in the absence of a) cutlass and hoe , is not yet complete. It's not complete yet.

    Ise agbe ni'se ile wa. Eni ko si'se, a ma ja'le.
    Farming is our customary work. The one who doesn't work will steal.

    Dodo at rice ko gbodo koja, won a je je je, won a gb'odo roboto.
    :) dodo and rice would not pass by, but they'd eat eat eat (so much), then get a big fat zero (in school).

    That's my translation.
    Agree / disagree though? We need farming/agric, but we need engineers, logisticians, artists, just as much. This is 2015. Be great.



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