Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spy Story - Lagos 2014

There was a political gathering - this I know because an inexplicable number of new or newish cars of various makes and colours (Kia, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai) were parked in a neat row on the street; a few had party flags/logos inside.  Minor election, obviously.  For a major election, the cars would be black SUVs.  With armed police escorts and bulletproofing and no chance of seeing what's inside.  Anyway... 

There were spies - this I SUSPECT because across the street from the cars, I passed two youngsters fiddling with a contraption of metal and dials.  I couldn't look long enough to be sure; maybe it was safer to mind my business.
Will elections be decided by public vote on issues and manifestos, or by the ground tactics of a few operatives?

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