Sunday, November 3, 2013

This is Jigawa, population 4 million, 361 thousand, and 2 people in 2006

I previously commented that Lagos swallows up Kano three times.  I subsequently downloaded google earth to confirm this with real images, not just maps.  
Interestingly, I also found interactive satellite images of Jigawa State, the slider bar lets you zoom in until you can almost count the trees. This is Dutse, the administrative capital of Jigawa State.
The heart of Dutse
Some other key population centers in Jigawa are Hadejia at about 2 x 2 kilometers, Gumel slightly smaller, Zoma centered on a lake, and Birnin Kudu whose 4 km perimeter you might encircle in 30 minutes, jogging.  There are impressive agricultural lands covering most of the state: see vast areas around Albasu and Aljara for example.,Jigawa&gl=ng&ei=jml2UtP4FOKN7QaM34HYBw&ved=0CCwQ8gEwAA
A view from the skies, click to zoom in
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