Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From bedroom supporters and kitchen overseers to full participants in society

Although there are over a dozen women in the top rungs of political leadership in the Federal Government of Nigeria, not even one state governor is female, nor has ever a president or leading presidential candidate been female.  Women and men of Nigeria, are we ready to show the world how gender equality is done?
Disappointingly, even in university student union elections, can you believe that many believe the president should be a guy, with the deputy/vice/assistant post going to a girl?  If only I was a girl in such a school :)

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  1. Picture is of 17 women and the President.

    TOP ROW - the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala at top left; Chief Justice of the Federation Alooma-Mukhtar at top center;
    between them is Ruqayattu Rufai (Education Minister); then fourth is ? Zainab Maina (Women Affairs), and then Minister of Petroleum Resources Diezani Allison-Madueke at top right.

    LEFT COLUMN, Iweala, then ? Sarah Ochekpe (Water Resources), Omobola Johnson (ICT), Zainab Kuchi (Power, Min of State for)

    RIGHT COLUMN, Madueke, then ? Hadiza Mailafia (Environment), Ama Pepple (Housing), ? Jumoke Akinjide (FCT, Min of State for), and Olusola Obada (Defence, Min of State for, and former acting minister)

    The bottom row from Left to Right has ? Viola Onwuliri (Foreign Affairs, Min of State for), ? Joy Ogwu (Permanent Representative to the United Nations), ? Salamatu Sulaiman (Commissioner, Political Affairs - ECOWAS), and ? Aisha Laraba Abdullahi (Commissioner, Political Affairs, AU).

  2. WOMEN IN POLITICS: Vanguard Editorial

    President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s fulfilment of his promise to ensure at least 30 per cent women’s participation in his government through affirmative action has been commended globally, but more has to be done, particularly in women running winning elective positions in the various political parties.

    With the gender barriers broken through appointment of women to key positions in government, only eight women were voted into the Senate of 109 senators and 24 out of 360 members of the House of Representatives. No female governor has ever been elected in our history. These should bother women.

    Dame Virginia Ngozi Etiaba was the Governor of Anambra State , from November 2006 to February 2007, making her the first ever female governor in Nigeria’s history, through the impeachment of Peter Obi.

  3. Smiles...interesting...4 years on and things still haven't changed. We still dey where we dey, that's if we haven't even retrogressed. O ga o. Naija! Only God. Smh.


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