Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Midterm Report

Here is a link to the "Midterm Report of the Transformation Agenda."  It's 200+ pages, no pictures, but that shouldn't deter you from downloading and commenting on it.  That's one way to love your country. 

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  1. From the foreword:
    Democracy is as much a result as it is a process and today’s event invites us to reflect on both the
    processes and results of our thriving democracy. There is evidence of stronger democratic institutions.
    There is even stronger evidence of an evolving culture of better consultation, better stakeholder input
    and better mass buy-in on all major issues of national development.
    It is within this context that I have incorporated a Mid-Term Performance Review Report of my
    administration, to enable Nigerians see the progress made so far in implementing the policies,
    programmes and projects encapsulated in my administration’s Transformation Agenda (2011–2015).

    The economy has recorded an impressive GDP growth and we surpassed our annual targets in 8 out of
    the 14 broad areas of the Transformation Agenda. Consequently, Nigeria’ global ranking by GDP has
    improved from the 44th position in 2010, to the 36th.

    The celebration of Democracy Day, a day dedicated to reflections on the meaning, gains and
    sustainability of democracy, should be used to think about how to sustain our collective resolve to face
    the future together as one people, guided by the principles of consultation, mutual respect and equity.

    May 29 is not a day set aside merely to commemorate the
    swearing in of a government that emerged
    through elections, after nearly two decades of military rule. More significantly, it is a day for stock taking and for the renewal of vows to deliver good governance to Nigerians. The achievements in
    physical infrastructure, exemplified by the current electricity generation capacity of 4,500MW, which is
    expected to rise to 9,000MW by the first quarter of 2014, are key service delivery indices.
    The Report also sets out clear targets and performance indicators which are being tracked regularly through the
    Ministerial Performance Scorecards. The Report presents very detailed and credible facts and figures showing the performance of the Administration at this half-way mark."



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