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Ondo Election: What's new

The gubernatorial candidates include Labour Party (LP) incumbent Dr. Olusegun Mimiko and two high-flying lawyers:
Rotimi Akeredolu of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)
and Olusola Oke of the People's Democratic Party (PDP)
See full list of 13 candidates and their running-mates
Live Updates on the Ondo State governorship polls below

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  1. Before the elections:
    - IGP Abubakar has deployed over 11,000 policemen to the state to maintain law and order in today's election across the 18 council areas of the state. (Source:

    - Prof. Jega said that the election will be free, fair and credible and that the electoral body will create an enabling atmosphere for all political parties without any bias. (Source:

    - Total of 1,546,081 registered voters for Ondo election, according to INEC.

    Breakdown into
    Southern area: Ilaje is 114,235, Ese Odo 57,255, Ile Oluji 64, 219, Irele 55, 231, Okitipupa 102,044, Odigbo 120,014 totalling 511,998 which represents 33.12 percent

    Northern area: Akoko North West 68,061, Akoko North East 62,451,Akoko South East 29,773, Akoko South West86,155, Owo 110,100 and Ose 62,386 totalling 418,926 which represents 27.10 percent.

    Central area: Akure south 248,953, Akure North 53,935, Ifedore 63,242,Ondo West 150,838,Ondo East 37,469 and Idanre 60,720. Central totals 615,157 representing 39.78 percent. (Source:

  2. Accreditation underway since early morning on October 20th.
    Huge turnout of voters. (Source: PM News)

    Benin-Ore expressway closed to forestall movement into Ondo state by people who have nothing to do with the election. Passengers stranded. (Source: Channels TV )

    Voting will not take place in two units in Ese Odo area because voters registration did not take place. (Source: Channels TV )

    Concern over delayed arrival of voting materials for the election in some places in Akure, the state capital. (Source: Channels TV )

  3. *Blogger note, my timestamp was faulty by about eight hours, saying 5am instead of 1pm. I have just corrected it.

    INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) will post results widely, including on social media.

    INEC Nigeria ‏@inecnigeria on twitter says "Please report to us if there is any violence or intimidation at your polling unit! Please include your specific polling unit when you report."

    Public have sent Reports via twitter to INECnigeria of irregularities, but many don't include the specific polling unit. Be specific with your reports please.

    Some of the matters reported in the past hour to INEC via twitter include: unavailable ballot papers, armed persons stealing ballot papers, bribery (distribution of money - 100naira, 10,000naira - clothing fabrics, packaged kerosene etc to voters at the polling areas.)


    Many ways to contact INEC
    PHONE the hotlines: 07098115592,07098117563,07098114865,07098115257,07098110916,07098116381,07098115592.

    TEXT the SMS numbers 07032492303 and/or 08101774434.

    TWEET @INECnigeria


  5. Here is INEC on facebook
    Here is INEC Official Website

    There are 13 candidates for governor. Although none of the gubernatorial candidates is a woman, there are 4 (of 13) candidates for deputy governor - from CPC, NCP, and two lesser known parties listed as APS and BNPP. (Source: INEC Official List of Candidates in Ondo State Governorship Election

    1. 4 female candidates, I meant, for deputy governor.

  6. Voting commenced two hours ago in Ondo State.
    (Source: Channels TV )

    The three frontline candidates, and indeed other contestants from whom the people will make their choice have also voted. (Source: Channels TV )

    The last three months have been filled with accusations and counter accusations from the candidates. (Source: Channels TV )

    Reports from Channels Television’s correspondents covering Akure, Owo and Ondo town show a high level of optimism of free and fair elections. (Source: Channels TV)

    Security is tight in the state with over 11, 000 police officers ensuring a violence free day. There are also about 300 election observers and volunteers monitoring the poll. (Source: ChannelsTV)

  7. I know you want pictures!!!
    Check out Mimiko waiting, votes holding umbrellas, and more at

    1. typo: "voters" holding umbrellas. raining?

  8. Reports are that voting has ended in some wards. YNaija is even reporting some early vote counts, source unknown.

    I'll rather wait to get official gist :)

    That all three candidates attended Great Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) and were involved in student government. ( Source: Tribune: And the winner is... )

    The commonest surname in Ondo State is Ojo (more than 15,000 voters - 1% of voters). Next in popularity are Ajayi and Adebayo with over 11,000 voters each. ( Source: INEC Infographic Top Ondo Surnames )

    Voters in Ondo State are roughly 50-50 by gender. ( Source: INEC Infographic 51% Men and 49% Women )

  10. INEC encourages people to post results from their polling units and to copy @INECnigeria in their tweets.

    In case you were wondering, it's not that these will become the official count; but having such transparency (with open citizen reporting documented on the internet) is a fantastic guard against rigging.

  11. If you're monitoring twitter with the hashtag #OndoDecides , you will likely be ready to declare Olusegun Mimiko, incumbent governor, and Labour Party flagbearer the winner of this election by a landslide. Check out some tweets from 5 mins ago:

    IGBAYILOLA ADEDEJI ‏@oozzoonie
    Wif the results flying in @ d moment, Mathematically: LP = PDP + ACN. #OndoDecides

    Wole Fadairo Wole Fadairo ‏@willyfatherhero
    @Aketi2013 loses gallantly in his ward. I heard Iroko fell on him. #OndoDecides

    Aregbesola Oriola Aregbesola Oriola ‏@oriss1
    Ondo West LA II unit 1 LP-95, PDP-15, ACN-8, Unit 2, LP-169, PDP-17, ACN-24. Mimiko leading all the way.#Ondodecides

    M.A.B.T M.A.B.T ‏@Malique89
    Lol...can't even win his ward RT @NigeriaNewsdesk: ACN candidate Rotimi Akeredolu's ward in Owo: ACN-287; LP-420; PDP-294

    What can I say - if the ACN candidate couldn't carry his home base, he's pretty unlikely to carry a majority statewide.

  12. Premium Times has some Live Updates and they report (as you already noticed from twitter) that the ACN candidate lost his own polling unit while the LP candidate did not. Their figures for the ACN Akeredolu's hometown results are:
    Rotimi Akeredolu’s Polling unit in Owo (Unit 6, Ward 5): ACN – 139. ACPN – 3. BNPP -2. CPC -3. PDP -35. LP – 144.

  13. The official numbers from INEC are NOT out yet, but here are reports calling it for Mimiko (LP, incumbent).
    In fact, it seems that the race would have been competitive if ACN and PDP had been one party, to match against LP on the other side.

    Liberty Report has an unofficial tally of results collated from units, giving (so far, with only a 10% sample of votes): LP 32,249 PDP 19, 881, ACN 18,323

    Daily Independent reports an impressively smooth election (many had feared it would be heavily violent), and that "it was also marked by an impressive turnout" and "from the early results released last night, Mimiko seems to be coasting home to victory based on results counted in some of the Polling Units."

  14. Who won?
    "Dr.Mimiko is returned duly elected winner of the 2012 Ondo Governorship election." - INEC

    The top three candidates shared 95% of the votes. Of 594,244valid votes total, LP led the tally with 260,199votes; then PDP with 155,961; and ACN with 143,512.
    PDC came a distant fourth with 21,361 votes. All other nine parties each carried 700 - 3,000 votes.
    This is my analysis from the brilliant table with breakdown of votes by local government provided by INEC. See table here

  15. The real winner is NIGERIA and Nigerians. We have now learned how to hold elections, it seems.
    Congrats, and God bless us mightily. Amen.


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