Monday, March 12, 2012


In January of this year, Nigerians were promised a Petroleum Industry Bill in 30 days.  In February, that was pushed to March.  And so we wait.

The buses promised as the start of a system of affordable transportation have been procured and exhibited, but certainly they are not yet plying the streets of Lagos.

The winners of YouWIN, the exciting grants program for young Nigerian entrepreneurs, should have been contacted last month.  We await an announcement this month.

Power companies:
The Power Holding Company of Nigeria was legally broken into 17 successor companies in January for sale in April.  That sale has now been postponed till October.
An oil rig

While I buy in to the above programmes, it appears that we're always late.  We need project management or something.  

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  1. The winners were notified yesterday in the YouWIN program. This is progress. The first batch of YouWIN has been successfully completed within 6 months of program launch. Awesome!

  2. I have seen a few red buses labelled "Federally-Assisted" - one milling about empty, more parked near a drivers' union office in Oja-Oba (Agege-ish). The poor parking - sinking in slightly muddy ground - is probably bad for the tyres if they don't start moving soon.

  3. I rode in a nice and comfy Jona-bus yesterday. As though in a movie, an Air Nigeria plane flew by low in the sky just as I was basking in the increased comfort of the cushioned seats.
    The road opposite was being expanded. I say transportation is improving.

  4. Happily, I can now report that the winners of the bids for most of the PHCN-successor companies have been announced.

    The Petroleum Industry bill remains stalled.

  5. The Petroleum Industry Bill remains stalled...forever? and Ijeoma Nwogwugwu of This Day writes Time to Stop Toying With the PIB


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